Hi stcharlesnewport, I'm more than happy to answer your question, "add another user", however I'm a little vague about what specific software you're requesting to add another user to. With cPanel, AMP, and the Premium Website Builder, you can only have one user set to login and manage the systems. If you are building your website with third party software, you can create additional FTP accounts to allow someone else to login to your account and manage files by using the "FTP Accounts" tool within cPanel. If you have a developer, we have a system you can use as well to email your developer your account information. Another option you have if you need more than one person to manage your website is to use WordPress. WordPress is very popular software on the web, and it has many great built in features - such as the ability to create more than one user to manage the site. I highly recommend WordPress, I use it myself when creating websites. If you'd like to learn more about using WordPress, I recommend checking out our WordPress Education Channel. I hope this helps answer your question. Please feel free to post in this page's comments (at the bottom) if you have any follow up questions. Thanks! - Brad