How do I use Google Maps API in Premium Website Builder?

  • Answered
I'm building a site with Plesk Sitebuilder Wizard (as provided by InMotion) - it's a great wizard!

I'm having trouble with a Google Map API. I have a Google account and the API provided isn't being accepted by the wizard module. I've had Google re-issue a different API with the same negative result.

Is this happening because my site is not yet published?
Tim S.
Hi zhenvader, Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. You can use the Google Maps API by following the directions below: To insert a Google map into a page:
  1. Go to the Edit step.
  2. In the Modules area, click the Area map Area Map module icon and keeping the left mouse button pressed drag the icon to the desired location on the page.
  3. To insert the module in the beginning of the page, double the click the module title in the Modules area.
  4. Click Service provider settings on the title bar of the Area Map module.
  5. Select Google Maps API service.
  6. Enter your registration key in the Google Maps API key box and click OK.
  7. If you haven't registered this service with Google yet, click the link provided on the dialog window and complete the free sign up procedure as described. When registering a Google Maps API key, be sure to specify the correct site URL.
  8. Click Choose location.
  9. Type the name of the geographical location you want to show and click Find Location.
  10. If for some reason Google doesn't find the required location, or if you want to specify your own location, enter the name of a larger geographical object (the city, country, etc.) in the Find Location box, and then use the arrows and scaling functions to manually navigate to the required geographical point.
  11. Click on the required point on the map. On the form that appears, specify the title and address of the location in the Title and Address fields and click Save.
  12. You may leave both these fields blank.
  13. Click OK.
On the map, a marker appears at the specified point. The title and address of the location is displayed to your site visitors after they click on the marker. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S