Non-Hosting IMAP Settings

MotoMark 5 months ago in Technical Support / Email updated 5 months ago 2

I have switched email from InMotion to GSuite and I wish to migrate the emails into GSuite. What is the IMAP server address when your MX records no longer are directed to your server? 


Hi MotoMark, 

Thank you so much for your question. For the information you need, you will need to navigate to the Other Mail Clients section of the Gsuite help page

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UGH! --------- I needed the server information for InMotion NOT GSuite. I have that information already. It's a done deal anyways I just changed the MX records back and used Google's migration program then switched the MX records again. InMotion doesn't seem to have dedicated POP or IMAP server information like other hosts. For example imap.servconfig.com or pop.servconfig.com