Email not coming in

riddlemeright 8 months ago in Technical Support / Email updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 8 months ago 1

I create email accounts on my domain quite often that always auto-forward.  Often times, I don't see the auto-forwarded email I am expecting.  This prompts me to check the original account.  I then don't see the email I am expecting.  For example, I created a Ticketmaster account last week and a confirmation code was emailed to the account.  This made me wonder if it was in SPAM, but no sign of the email in the original account.  Has anyone experienced this?  I want to ensure that all my emails are received, even if junk mail as oftentimes emails I receive are perceived as junk but are important to me.

Thanks for any advice!


Hello riddlemeright,

Thank you for contacting us about an email not coming in. I recommend checking your cPanel Mail logs for record of the transmission, errors, or additional clues.

Thank you,