Point my domain to another server while keeping email as is.

luker@blueskylandexpress.com 1 year ago in Website / How To 0
I wish to point my domain to squarespace, but do not want my email system to be changed to squarespace or google. Which cname records and A records do I need to update and which do should not be altered in order to configure accordingly. thank you.
Hello luker@blueskylandexpress.com, Thank you for your question regarding pointing a domain to another server and keeping the email elsewhere. First, you should create a subdomain such as mail.example.com, then point the 'A record' for it to your shared IP address. Now, update your MX record to point to the subdomain mail.example.com. Finally, setup the 'A record' and cname by following the Squarespace guide. Thank you, John-Paul