Google vs Symantec SSL certificates

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Here is why myself and many of your other clients need our SSL certificates updated:

"Google will distrust all existing Symantec SSL certificates starting with October 2018, and Symantec will have to rebuild its entire certificate issuance infrastructure from scratch if it wants to remain in the CA (Certificate Authority) business. This is the final ruling in an investigation into Symantec's shady SSL issuance practices started by Google and Mozilla engineers. Investigators discovered last year that Symantec broke industry rules agreed on by the CA/B Forum, the authority that governs the procedures for issuing SSL certificates that are used to support HTTPS encrypted traffic."

More info:

Check your site's SSL certificate:
Hello LilPeck, Thank you for your question regarding Symantec SSL certificates. Since all of our SSL's are issued by Comodo (instead of Symantec), this would not apply to us. If you purchased an SSL from Symantec, you will need to replace it before the October deadline. I recommend purchasing an SSL from us or using our Free SSL which easily meet these security requirements. Thank you, John-Paul