Sharing of Address Books

  • Answered
I would like to ask how to share my address book to other email users in my domain? and secondly, is it possible that address books in outlook and horde to sync? so that I won't have to worry about separate address books depending on where I log in to my email
Hello 10_ray, Thank you for your question regarding sharing an address book. As per the option in cPanel, there is a way to setup a Shared Address book. You can find it by going into cPanel, clicking on Email Accounts, then clicking on Configuration options. Here's the description: Every cPanel account includes a system-managed Shared Address Book that serves as a user directory and allows collaboration. All of the email accounts listed above can access the Shared Address Book. If disabled, only the Default Email Account can access the Shared Address Book. Therefore, other users cannot access the Shared Address Book for contact information or for automatic calendar availability. (note: this answer was updated on 6/04/2018)