Insert word file and/or video to pictures on page

  • Answered
I am very new on webdesign. know how to insert other webpage to the picture from media library (.php). I wonder how to link it to a word file. I tried to upload word file in HTML...., nothing work. Would appreciate anyone can help me to do this part. Also like to link picture to video (youtube), but don't know how to upload video to media library as well. Thank you.
Hello, Thanks for your questions about adding/linking a Word file and inserting a picture or video into your library. First, in order to add a Word file - either by linking or adding the text, you will need to either use a plugin, or simply copy the text into the page that you're creating. The main issue is that a Word file normally includes a lot of unseen code that is used by Microsoft Word for formatting a file. You can save the file as a text file and then copy the text into a file. Based on your question, it's not very clear if you are using WordPress to build your website, or if you're doing something else. If you are using WordPress, then if you want to keep the formatting used by Word, then it's better to look for a plugin that allows you to use the Word file in your WordPress pages or posts. Here is an example of a plugin that you can use. Inserting or adding a video from YouTube is actually much easier. First, we do recommend keeping the video file on YouTube and simply using their provied share code. Playing the file from YouTube helps to keep your own website server free of having to serve the video. Since YouTube is already setup for widespread geographic playback, it's not only better for you, but also better for any of your website viewers. If you are trying to "link picture to video (youtube)", then you will need to use an image link (if you are working with an HTML page). See this this tutorial. You can also use the HTML code in a WordPress site (through the text editor). You would need the URL of the YouTube video that you can get from the video page (in YouTube) through the Share link. You can also go to that Share link and get the embed code from YouTube in order to add it to your WordPress site. You would simply copy the code into the Text editor for the page/post where it is needed. For more information on adding a video to your WordPress site, you can view our tutorial on the issue. I hope that helps to answer your questions! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.