Using shared SSL on my web site

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I've read the tutorials regarding using a shared SSL and apparently I need "shared SSL for dummies."

For instance using the following paragraph from the tutorial:
If you are on a shared server (business class hosting), you will have access to the shared SSL certificate on the server. (How do I know if I'm business class? I think I am, "My Supscriptions" page says we signed a 2 year plan at $191 but does not "name" the plan. )

To access this, you can create https links in your website files that use the secure server name. The secure server name is always 'secure##', with ## being the number of your server. Your server number is listed in your account's technical details in AMP. (OK, so here's where I really lose you, I'm using BoldGrid, I'm a rank beginner just feeling my way, I know my secure server is "secure198". How do I "create https links" that make the web site I'm building SSL secure? We will have a registration form on the site to be filled in by new patients registering on the site and we'd need to secure the site or at least that form.)

IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thanks for your question about using shared SSL for your site. To find out which plan you're using, you will see a panel on the right side of the Account Management Panel (AMP). In the "Product" field, you should see which plan you have. To get the secure "https" link for your account, you will choose the "Account Technical Details" in AMP. There will be a field titled "Shared Secure Server" The link provided there is a secure SSL link to your account. By default, this link will take you to the root of your site, but you can add a subdirectory (with a forward slash "/") to access a page within your site. As a side note, be advised that the server space we offer is not HIPAA compliant. Accepting private medical history from your patients through forms created on your site is not recommended. Best, Christopher M.