WP/NinjaForms won't submit to database

  • Answered
I'm having an issue with NinjaForms on a subdirectory instance of WP http://theraptorsgroup.com/landingpages/17sep29_la-costa/ NinjaForms is also installed on a WP primary domain instance and works fine.

When the form is filled out and submitted it goes into a "processing" loop and hangs. The submission appears to never make it to the db (no entries in the plugins "submissions" menu item), and no emails are sent (although the sites SMTP server tests ok using WP-Mail-SMTP plugin). It hangs even if I turn off all email confirmations on the form.

I suspect it might be an authentication issue into the new mySQL instance. How do I troubleshoot from here?

Hello ljr, Thank you for your question regarding WordPress and Ninja Forms not submitting data into the database. I recommend checking your database settings in the wp-config file, to confirm you are connecting to the correct database. If your problems persist, I recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide to narrow the cause down further. Thank you, John-Paul