How Do I Recover Access to My WordPress Site?

  • Answered
I cannot sign into my own wordpress domain. I can sign into wordpress account and dashboard, but when trying to preview my site, I get a note that the site is private which is true as it is under construction. It also shows another login screen, but I cannot login. As the domain owner, shouldn't I just see my site? It used to be like that. What am I missing?
Thanks in advance for the support.

Hi, Jay!

Thanks for posting your question about your WordPress site not displaying as expected. I'm sorry to see you're experiencing issues when attempting to view your website. I would suggest using our guide on Common Troubleshooting WordPress Techniques. This is the best way to narrow down issues with unexpected behavior. If you need assistance with any of those steps, feel free to reach out to our Live Support with your InMotion Hosting account information. They are available 24/7 and always happy to assist! I hope this helps!


Carlos E