Permalinks problem with woocommerce

  • Answered
Hi, I have a woocommerce site and using the 'shop isle' theme.
When I add a product, i want the permalink to be something like this:

When i click on the product, the permalink is correct, but when i click on the category, the permalink changes.
the product name is "Nissan Skyline" and falls under the "cars" category.

the link for the product is /shop/cars/nissanskyline which i want to keep

the link for the cars category is /product-category/cars .... how can i change it to /cars ???
Ive tried changing the permalinks settings many times, but it isnt working.

Some information about my problem: I deleted the original 'shop' page that comes with woocommerce and made a new 'shop' page. Could this be something to do with it? Also, on the dash board, I'm no longer able to click on 'visit store' only 'visit site'
Help is much appreciated


Thank you for your question about WooCommerce. Yes, the permalink fill change based on the query being made through the URL. This means the URL when viewed from a single post or a category might be slightly different. There are ways to make certain parameters take precedent over others, but these require custom coding. However, there are permalink plugins that should help you get the result you require.

For the issue with the "Visit store" and "Visit site" links not working properly, you would want to try some common WordPress troubleshooting techniques first and see if this can shed some light.


Christopher M.