How Do I Request a Refund and Cancel My Account?

  • Answered
Hi my credit card has been charged for 131.88 UAD today, where as my account is pending renewal on 15th May.

That too I do not wish to continue this subscription because if I come through as a new customer I'm getting 55% off on the same (power) plan.

Kindly roll back the amount and cancel the subscription ASAP. I'm reachable via skype or email.

Kindly do the needful immediately.

Masood Faruki
Hello Masood, Thank you for your question on your cancellation and refund request. Your new customer discount is a one-time only discount. Attempting to create another 'new' account will not get the discount and is against the Terms of Service, which could lead to complete account termination. Feel free to reach out to our Live Billing department with any questions. Kindest Regards, Scott M