My site not showing, it is having too many redirects.

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what would cause our site to have too many redirects? Site is in WORDPRESS: I published it and took it off construction mode and it is NOT showing on the primary domain, just the Temporary URL. I had installed 2 pluggins last night to hide the WP Admin, (Loginizer and WP hide and security enhancer). they are deactivated now and I am still not able to see the site. please help, I need to have it up today.

Hello, Thank you for your question about the "too many redirects" error you are seeing on your WordPress site. First, I would recommend that you make sure that your site URL is set properly by modifying your wp-config file directly. If that doesn't help, I would recommend disabling all of your plugins, changing your theme to a WordPress default theme like twentyseventeen, and then clearing your WordPress cache. Gratefully, Casey B.