Installing SSL certificate for emails

  • Answered
I have just bought a SSL certificate from inmotion.

I want to know if I can use it to secure our emails, since there are several recipients that don't receive our emails and are often marked as spam.

If so, could you explain how to do it? Thank you.
Hello ing.gjlopez, Thanks for the question about the SSL certificate and applying it to your emails. First, you should understand that using an SSL certificate allows you to create a secure connection between the server and the person making a connection to the server. It does NOT affect whether an email is defined as spam. That definition is based on the content and structure of the email. Additionally, if the mail server reputation results in the server being blacklisted, then it will not matter if you are using a secure connection or not. If the server is blacklisted then email servers using that list will not allow email from the blacklisted server. Additionally, you cannot use an SSL Certificate for emails on a shared server where your account currently exists. VPS or Dedicated servers can use an SSL certificate to update the Service certificates used for email on our servers. This would allow you to secure the email using the domain name associated with the SSL certificate. I hope this helps to explain the issue! I apologize that it does not help your spam issues. To help prevent spam, please review the following information: Make sure that any business emails that you send comply with the terms of the FTC guidelines to prevent spam. Also, please review the InMotion Hosting guide to keep your messages from generating 550 spam errors. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.