What is the simplest website creating tool available through Inmotion?

  • Answered
I am looking for a web building tool, I currently have a Magento which I am struggling to finish. I want a simple to create website that I can sell about 20 products from that I can create through Inmotion.
Hello, Thank you for your question on which is the simplest building tool for your site. Since you want to create an e-commerce site, any program to do that will be much more complex than programs to build a normal informational site. Magento is a very powerful, but very complex program and likely overkill for someone wanting to sell only 20 or so products. If you want to stick with an e-commerce-only program, you may want to check out PrestaShop. If you would like an easy-to-use framework with the ability to add e-commerce, you may want to check into WordPress and add the WooCommerce plugin so you can create a store. The WordPress way is likely a bit easier overall and you can find information for WordPress here. We have some WooCommerce articles and are growing that section in the future. Kindest Regards, Scott M