All of my email clients hosted on inmotion are being blocked...

  • Answered
All of my email clients hosted at Inmotion are being blocked by "". They said that they block by IP address - and that someone was sending phish emails from - which, of course - is a shared IP. They stated that you will have to contact (go to their website?) and state you have fixed the problem. This has affected not only my personal email accounts - but also those of two non-profits that use email on my domains.
Hello lbickley, Thank you for your question regarding email to a specific domain being blocked. Sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing. Unfortunately, in a shared server setting you can be affected by the actions of other users. Our System Administrators actively monitor the servers 24/7 and are usually quick to address issues. I recommend forwarding an example of a returned email to Live Support so they can replicate the problem from the server and request delisting, or possibly rotate the server's mail IP. Thank you, John-Paul