First Website - Website Design

  • Answered
My boss wants a website and we decided on this. I need to now go in and add copy to the site. How do I do that? I have never done this before. I have 2 logins the AMP and CP. Do I need a 3rd to actually do the copy and design of this site?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding your first website and design. AMP (Account Management Panel) mostly deals with the billing side of things (credit card, renewal dates, etc.), while cPanel is where your actual website will reside. At this point you must decide how to build your site since there are many options. Here is a link to our helpful website getting started guide. I typically recommend WordPress, since it is the most commonly used software. It is free and also has a large amount of addons/plugins for customizing your site. We also offer BoldGrid, which is a plugin for WordPress that helps you easily customize the site. You will then log into your BoldGrid/WordPress dashboard to copy your content to, and design your site. Thank you, John-Paul