SSL Certificates and Redirected Domain Names

  • Answered
Hello and thanks for providing this support forum. I am considering purchasing an SSL certificate. I cannot locate an answer to a question I have and hope you can help. I did find similar support issues, but I don't think they are exactly the same or it still remains unclear to me.

I have a website operating with the domain name I have also purchased a number of other domain names which all simply redirect to These are not subdomains or landing pages. They just forward the user to

If I purchase an SSL for, what happens when someone browses to one of my redirected domains? Is the secure "padlock" still displayed once they reach Is the security rendered moot because the site was entered through a redirected domain?

Thank you for your assistance on this issue.

Hello Davidczaya, Thank you for your question about SSL certificates and redirected domain Names. When you register a certificate it is based on the domain name that you provide. So, if you wish for the browser to show that it is secure, the URL being used must match the domain name used in the certificate. I hope this helps to clarify the issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.