Deleting an email from your server will erase them from your computer?

  • Answered
I want to delete a few emails from the server using Horde, but will the email from my computer (I use Mail from mac) be deleted as well? How can I keep the email in my computer?

Thank you for your question regarding deleting emails from the server. It depends how you have your email setup.

For example, if you are using IMAP on all devices, the emails are stored on the server by default. This means if you delete an email from Horde, it will be removed from the server, and not be accessible to other devices.

If you are using POP on your mac, this typically will download/remove the emails from the server and store them in your mac. This will mean they are not accessible in Horde, unless you choose to leave a copy on the server.

I recommend copying the emails you want to keep to a local folder on your mac, such as a "backup" or "archived" folder. This will allow you to store the emails on your mac instead of the server.

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