I'm having problems with SPAMS

  • Answered
Good evening Inmotion, I migrated my reseller from hostgator to here for SPAM issues and emails that did not arrive, but I'm still having problems with SPAMS. The only customer account I have in the reseller is cordelnarede.com.br
Which I am using to test, enabled Apache SpamAssassin and set to required_score in value 3, what value do you recommend?
Hello, Thank you for your question on Spam Assassin settings to help prevent spam. The default for Spam Assassin is 5. This is normally enough for most people. If you need stronger protection, then lower scores will filter out more spam, so 3 is stronger than 5. However, if you still need additional Spam prevention, you may want to look into setting Account and User level filtering. This allows you to customize the different spam so that you do not set Spam Assassin too strictly and miss important emails by accident. Kindest Regards, Scott M