Managing email filter to allow very limited topics in.

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Looking for help setting up email filters for Round Cube mail. Please keep in mind I am not overly technical. I manage (volunteer) a site for a community park. We get a lot of spam. I want to allow only certain messages in as we have only a few legitimate topics that our site is used for. I have managed to successfully set up a filter that sends 23 items to the Inbox: 'If from contains xxx' and 'If subject contains xxx'. I have also set up the same topics to go to Junk if they 'are not from' or 'do not contain xxx'. Here's where it's not working. I can send a message with a random word that is not on the list of 23 items and it will send that to junk, which is good. However, take the word 'pavilion' as an example. We rent one for parties. I have a filter that says 'If subject contains the word pavilion, send to inbox'. That works great. I have one that says 'If subject does not contain the word pavilion, send to Junk'. Now when I send an email with the subject 'pavilion' it is going to Inbox and Junk. Why does it go to Junk when the rule is 'if does not contain pavilion, send to Junk? It does contain 'pavilion', so why go to Junk? Sure would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Amy
Hello Amy,

Thank you for your question on email filters. It sounds like you have a fairly complex filter system set up. This can be good but sometimes when creating new filters, it can be complicated. You will also want to take into account the order of your filters. This can play a part on when a message gets sent to a junk folder or not. Usually the emails are checked in the filters from top down, so to get to the bottom filter they have to pass through all the others successfully.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M