How to update my current wordpress site with html, css and JS

  • Answered
I have a site hosted in inmotion hosting which was originally built with wordpress. How do I update the site with a custom built html, css and javascript website without loosing the previous data in it? How do I get to add say, a careers' page in which submission of credentials will go to the original wordpress database? Please, a detailed step-by-step approach will be highly appreciated.
Hello, Thank you for your question about updating your WordPress site. Are you interested in converting your WordPress site into a static site with individual HTML files? Or, do you still want to use WordPress as your backend content management system? If the latter, then you will want to investigate creating your own custom WordPress theme. However, to create a standard HTML page (like the "careers" page) and connect to the WordPress database, you will need to use PHP and MySQL (which WordPress uses). Best, Christopher M.