Data restoration did not fix my problem. Why?

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I was experimenting with the font on my site yesterday, without success, but something I did caused my "Site Title" to disappear from the top of my home page, but it has not disappeared from my "General Settings". I submitted a data restoration request, which I assumed would restore my site to its condition just prior to the most recent backup, which was prior to my mistake. The request was completed, but my Site Title is still not appearing at the top of the home page. How do I fix this?



Thank you for your question about site titles. There is an option with some WordPress themes that lets you turn on and turn off text in the header. You would normally find these options under Appearance and Header. If you are using a third-party theme, I advise trying a default WordPress theme to see if your title comes back. That would isolate the issue to the theme, in which case you can try to customize the theme or contact the theme developer to see if they have a suggestion.

We also have a guide on common WordPress troubleshooting techniques that may prove helpful to you.


Christopher M.