Opencart urls not being read by right click

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Hello, I am interested in speaking with a developer that is familiar with opencart. I am having an issue with using my url links in a 3rd party site. Everything works fine in one of my subcategories. The rest of my categories are being blocked by something and the links are not being read by 3rd party sites.

My site is I use a 3rd party site to post my product links. The problem happens here. I right click on a product url "copy link": and post it to the 3rd party site. The site then reads my link. For some reason the site is only ready a small portion of the link. It yields results like. 4 images. 1 transparent image, 1 very tiny thumbnail of the actual image, an image in my footer, and the size chart on the page. This is for every product EXCEPT for the products listed under my subcategory "Matching Sets" all urls under this category show up exactly how they all should. With 7-9 options. Larger product images, image color variations and more.

The layout of pages is exactly the same for all categories. I am not sure what could be blocking the 3rd party from readying the entire like it does on the Matching Sets page.

The 3rd party site:
post a tip. Where I paste the product url from my website.

I have been looking for the issue for at least 6 months. Any help or suggestions would be great. Also, I do not have any mods installed to disable right clicking. I have tried different browsers and it is the same in every browser.
Hello, Sorry for the problem with the OpenCart URLs. We do not provide developer support for OpenCart, so you may need to consult with a developer who specializes in OpenCart elsewhere. You can also try going to the OpenCart Forums as the community may have a solution for you. If not, they can definitely provide contact information for the developer that you may need. Also, while the URL issue may not be specifically affected by an extension that affects the right-click options, you may be dealing with something that alters the way your URLs appear in the browser. This can include the extensions for SEO. One of the popular extensions - VQMOD, can definitely affect your URL and is used in many other extensions for OPenCart. I hope this helps to get you in the right direction to resolving the issue. Apologies that we can not provide a direct resolution for the problem. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Kindest Regards, Arnel C.