Completed purchase does not go to confirmation page

  • Answered
My payment gateway is setup and I can see my test transaction went through just fine on their end, but prior to that when I clicked "Verify Payment" it took me to an empty page with the message at the top - "[Debug] This page has moved. Please use the following URL instead." The URL has my domain name in it, but my customers shouldn't have to go through this extra step to reach the confirmation page.
Hello Sweetb26,

Sorry for the problem with your payment gateway. You have not provided any information on the ecommerce software you're using, so it's very difficult for us to determine the cause of the problem. Please provide us more information on the software you're using, steps you're taking so that we can duplicate the issue, and a domain name to see what's happening. You may want to consider speaking or looking at the support forums for the software you are using as they may be to provide the support specific to issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.