Project Config not found

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Fatal error: Class 'ProjectConfig' not found in /home/aXXXXXe5/public_html/admin/index.php on line 2

Was wondering if anyone could help with this error. Just Uploaded this website to inmoton.


Sorry to hear you are getting a Fatal Error regarding a class in your website. That error is a PHP error that means it came across the call for a class (ProjectConfig) but cannot find that class defined in the files.

This could mean a few different things. First and most likely is that the file containing that class definition is not present.

Second, is that the file exists but there are permission restrictions in place that are not allowing it to be seen.

Third, it could mean that the code calling the class occurs before the class is defined.

Being that you just uploaded the site, I would check to see that all the files were transferred.

If you believe it is a permissions issue, our Live Support can assist with that.

The third option would be a coding issue, and thus the least likely if you are not having the code changed.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M