Email Trace not working

  • Answered
I recently signed up for shared hosting here. I reviewed the info inmotion provides about cPanel "you can take advantage of all of the features cPanel has to offer." I assumed Email Trace would work since it's part of cPanel and worked at my prior host in shared hosting. Much to my surprise, I couldn't see anything in the trace. I contacted tech chat. They said it's only available to dedicated and VPS. So does shared hosting have this "full feature" or not? This is the second time I've posted this as the first time it has mysteriously disappeared.
Hello BlueDesert, Thank you for your question regarding the email trace option in cPanel. Unfortunately, this option is not available by default on a shared server setting. Yes, this option would require a VPS or Dedicated server. You can request the mail logs related to specific email addresses/issues from Live Support. I spent some time looking for any additional questions from you, but could not find any submitted. If it was a duplicate post the other one may have been deleted. Thank you, John-Paul