pointing domain to inmotion

  • Answered
I created a wordpress site with a main domain of gcomsupport.ca. I have an IP+user name as my url right now. I also own gcomsupport.com and I wanted to point this wordpress site to gcomsupport.com instead of IP+user name.

I'm looking for confirmation as to whether I have completed the steps properly as I feel like I'm missing something.

Here's what I did:

1. Modified name servers on namecheap for gcomsupport.com to point to ns1 and ns2 on inmotion.
2. Created an Add-on domain at inmotion for gcomsupport.com

I was going to add Cloudflare but decided to simplify for now to ensure gcomsupport.com works as I intend.

Anything else needing to be done besides waiting for DNS propagation?
Hello gauthist, Thank you for contacting us about pointing your domain. It looks like you are following the steps in the right order. I advise cloning your current WordPress site to that addon domain with Softaculous. This is the easiest method of transferring a WordPress site to another domain without moving files. Best, Christopher M.