How do I write code for media query to adjust font size for menu bar?

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How do I write code for media query to adjust font size for menu bar for various screen sizes?

I am trying to adjust make the font change when my site is viewed in a smaller screen. I have 5 menu bar buttons and currently all of them can't be displayed because my media query isn't reflecting the screen size change.

I've been repeatedly told about bootstrap, unable to inquire on that original question, I am forced to post a new question. (Why is InMotion making it so complicated for customers to ask additional questions with the use social media? It's more the reason to feel like InMotion really doesn't want to help its customers fix website issues.)

Thank you for your question regarding We are happy to help you adjust the font size for your menu bar, but will need some additional information. When I visit the site you provided privately, I do not see the menu bar buttons. Can you provide a link to the site you are working on?

Since it seems you are using WordPress, what specific Theme are you using?

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