When I go to my site or admin page it is just a blank page

  • Answered

I have my domain hosted by Godaddy and they said that there is not a hosting problem, www.theenvisioneer.com but when I go through the process to login as a admin, it just goes to blank pages. I was able to view snapshots on archive.org to recover all my content but I would still like to use the Wordpress dashboard I had before because it was real easy to manage.

I assume my site must have been part of some attack or needs an update but am unable to access the admin login to do anything. I read the article on the domain possibly being expired but I checked with Godaddy and I still own it. It has been down for many months and I, unfortunately, have not been diligent in trying to figure this out till now. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding your site showing a blank page. I first recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide, as it may narrow down the cause of the issue. If you really suspect an attack on your WordPress site, you may be able to clean the code injection. If you are still having issues, you may have to Re-Install WordPress. If you are running an older version of WordPress, reinstall the same version then upgrade to the latest. Thank you, John-Paul