How can I stop Tor browser users from accesing my website

  • Answered
There is a huge problem with Tor users trying to access my website.

I have read that i need to have access to the apache files to put in a script that will automatically update my .htaccess every week with the new tor exit nodes.

How can i do this on my shared hosting account?
Hello, Thank you for your question on how to block the Tor browser from accessing your website. While this is possible, it can be quite tedious and have a performance impact on your site. You would have to perform a similar method to blocking a country from accessing your site, where you basically block a list of IPs for Tor Nodes. This list is several thousand IPs long. You would need to get an up to date list of these IPs. There are several sites that Google can point you to to get the list. You may then need to modify the list to extract just the IPs. Then you would need to create the "Allow Deny" rules for the entire list and insert it into your .htaccess file. The hard part is that the IP list changes, so you would need to redo this on a daily or weekly basis. I could not find a Kindest Regards, Scott M