Error 1054 on a Joomla Site

  • Answered
I am bring back online a site I took offline as I was moving from my old host to InMotion. see url The error the page is generating is: Unknown column 'access' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT id, folder, element, published, type, params, CONCAT_WS('/',folder,element) AS lookup, name FROM j3main_comprofiler_plugin WHERE published = 1 AND access IN (0) AND type = 'user' ORDER BY ordering

Note: This is a dated installation of Joomla. I have to get it online to update it to the current versions (I think. I do not know how to do an offline update but that is neither here nor there.)

Thank you for your question regarding Joomla. So this is an older version of Joomla you are trying to load up? Pretty much the error is stating that the column access is not in the table you are pulling from. You may need to load an older version of Joomla files and perform the upgrade that way.

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TJ Edens