How can I layer several pages into one menu item?

  • Answered
I've not been successful getting pages to layer under one parent menu item. I assigned one page as a parent but when I then try to layer another page under that, it doesn't give me the parent page as an option. It only lists one other menu item that I didn't assign as a parent.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about using menu items. It sounds like you are using WordPress? If so, each page should give you a parent option under Page Attributes when you are editing that page. Was the option available before and suddenly disappeared? Or, was it never there from the beginning? Are you sure you're editing a page and not a post? Are you using any plugins that might be conflicting with the page options? If you would like, you can run through our WordPress Troubleshooting Guide to help isolate a possible issue. Best, Christopher M.