Already verified two recently purchased domains. Yet emailed again.

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A week ago I purchased two domains, and was immediately emailed two domain verification messages. I clicked on the links, and everything looked good. Just now I received those same emails again, yet when I click on them now, they say,

The email you are responding to has expired. Please refer to a later email message from Melbourne IT concerning the domain name [ ************** ] and follow the instructions provided.

Is my domain registered or not?


Hello Timotheus,

Sorry for the redundant emails that have confused the issue of your domain registrations. They may have been mistakenly sent, so our apologies for those emails. Typically, a response like the one you're seeing is sent when you respond to an email from Melbourne IT that did not require a response. Normally, when a domain is registered and you receive confirmation, then the domain is registered. It would need to be deleted from the registrar to stop the registration. These actions would definitely generate an email notification of the change in status for your domain. You can check on your domains by going into your favorite search engine, and then type "WHOIS". You should see results listing free WHOIS services that you can use to check your domain name. Launch one, type in your domain name(s) and then you should see all of the registration information displayed.

If you require further information, then please provide us the domain names and we can look into the issue further. If you need immediate action, then please contact our live technical support team (contact information available at the bottom of this page). If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.