Which CSS file do I edit to modify the custom css default

  • Answered
I'm using the Local Business Pro Responsive ThemeVersion: 1.7.4 theme. I want to modify the CSS, but when I do the Appearance->Editor, the first thing I see is:
To make it easy to update your theme, you should not edit the styles in this file. Instead use
the custom.css file to add your styles. You can copy a style from this file and paste it in
custom.css and it will override the style in this file. You have been warned! :)
Also, I did try editing it and it doesn't seem to have an effect. What is the css file I'm to modify on the inmotionhosting ftp server? I can't find a custom.css file.

Thank you for contacting us about your CSS issue. This message indicates only that you must proceed with caution if you are going to edit those files. You should still have the ability to do editing.

If you are making edits and the changes are not taking effect it is possible that the elements you are editing are being ruled out or normalized by another piece of code in the stylesheet. I advise checking with the developer for their advice on how to make safe edits to their code, or proceed delicately and keep backups just in case.

Christopher M.