Verify domain ownership for Office 365

  • Answered
I have a client with a domain hosted at GoDaddy and have the Nameservers set to her account here on inMotion.

Someone is setting up an Office 365 account and has asked me to add a txt record for verifying domain ownership. However, I'm having a problem doing so. The info I have is to make a txt record with the name @ When I try to do so in the Advanced DNS Zone Editor, it automatically appends the domain name after the @ . I also get an error message saying that a "zone name must be a domain name" and so cannot save.

How can I enter the txt record?

Thank you for contacting us about adding TXT records. Replacing the @ symbol with a domain is fairly common, depending on where you are managing a domain. The @ symbol, in this case, signifies a domain or hostname. So it should fine if the requested @ is replaced by the domain. I advise trying to set it up with the domain and see if it works after the change propagates.

Christopher M.