Problem with Joomla menu URL

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Good morning.
My site is working with K2, have 3 templates, one Home page and 2, 1 by country, have 3 menu, one per country. The fact is everything goes right The problem is when I link to a country menu link K2 category the result of the web link is not : country but country. I don't understand where is the probllem and I want to take out Joomla from the link and noway. Where I am wrong ?
Thanks for your kind help

Hello Dan,

Sorry for the problems with the Joomla menu. If the URL is defaulting to a Joomla sub-folder, then is any part of your installation in a folder named "joomla"? We cannot determine a problem in this case without seeing how your installation is configured. You should be able to designate a specific location for the menu, but if you're using the automatic function in Joomla to create the menu, and it's adding the Joomla subdomain, then it may be basing it on your actual installation configuration. If the URLs are valid, then Joomla is not really doing anything wrong, but you may need to re-direct or reconfigure your Joomla installation in order for the subdomain not to be included in the URl.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.