Problems Pointing Multisite Databases/Domains

  • Answered
Hello - I have been on the phone with four of your associates and the last gentleman I spoke with recommended I post my question here. We are having issues getting all eight of our sites online after migrating our files to InMotion Hosting. We have resolved but the main site, but our seven foreign-language sites are showing the "Unknown Host" screen saying our server cannot be located.

My question: How can we fix this? Is this an issue of pointing databases? Creating subdomains? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you for contacting us about difficulties with your multisite installation after website transfer. It is possible that the databases are connected with your sites correctly, but there be some hard-coded links in the databases that are still trying to connect to your former host.

It is also possible that the subdomains are not configured correctly, since the DNS records look like they are missing an A record. Have they come up at all after the transfer? Did you make any DNS changes recently?

Christopher M.