Need to force customer cache clearing/OpenCart

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we tried to upgrade to opencart 2.2.0 but messed it up and we had to revert back to version 1.5.4

this caused another problem:

the site works but if a user has previously logged on while we were trying to get opencart 2.2.0 to work they must clear their cache to get the right page to upload (my cousin was trying to get opencart 2 to work but we had to get the inmotion to revert back to the previous dataset) (new people logging in are ok)

Is there a way that you can force the user's browser to clear the cache or otherwise "trick" the system? I have added somethings onto the header, but that only keeps it from caching going forward.

I spotted a couple of articles on this type of topic, some of them recommend redirecting to new URLs and others recommend that I add a version onto the .js and .css files - neither of which I can figure out how to do (for starters, i cannot even figure out where the html files reside). I dumped the opencart site cache and the VQmod cache as well, but that did not work.

Can you solve this? It is very high priority for me and I need it done ASAP.

url is

Please let me know.

Hello Amit, Thank you for contacting us about forcing Browser cache clearing in OpenCart. Unfortunately, I could not find a good method for accomplishing this. This is because users can adjust/set their caching time settings within the browser, and it is up to them. We do have a guide on how to Using web browser caching in OpenCart where we explain how to tell a visitor's computer how long they should keep them for before checking for a new file. But, keep in mind it will only affect visitors going forward. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul