register domain transferred from the yahoo small business hosting

  • Answered
good night, just transfer a domain from yahoo small business, the page tells me I have to wait nine days to release it. My question is released after what would be the procedure to register on my hosting inmotion? Thanks in advance
Hello aliriogonzalez, Thank you for your question on transferring a domain from Yahoo small business. After a domain is registered, it cannot be transferred for 60 days. After that, you can transfer it wherever you want. Transfers can sometimes take up to about 10 days to complete. Yahoo and we both use the same partner, so transferring a domain from Yahoo to us is very quick. Be sure you ask Yahoo for a "registry key" and not an"Auth Code" or "EPP Key". They may try to give you the "Auth Code" or "EPP Key" but tell them you need the "Regostry Key" because your new host uses the same registrar. They should understand that. You do not need to register another domain to use with our hosting, unless you want. If you want to keep the same domain name, just have the domain point to our name servers before you attempt a transfer. This way the website will show from our servers, even if the domain name has not yet been transferred. Kindest Regards, Scott M