Opencart Shipping is not working correctly.

  • Answered
In opencart I have both fedex shipping and USPS setup. I find that sometimes it shows "some" fed-ex options, sometimes it shows "some" usps options, sometimes it shows "some of both" and sometimes it shows none.

However, each time it displays the options they are not complete... I have never seen it display fedex smart post as an option. (even though I have it selected in fedex shipping options.

Often times it will display partial options when I know that other shipping options are available for that address.

For instance I had an address I put in that only shows usps regular mail... I know that all of fed-ex is available for that address... (address is also covered in zones) other addresses will show partial fed-ex options when I know usps is avail.

Is there a known shipping problem in opencart, I have been all over the forums and net without finding a correct solution.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
Hello swisslink,

Thank you for your question regarding OpenCart. Are you using a module/plugin to handle the shipping or are you using the stock system? Has this always been doing this or has it just started up recently? Have you made any coding changes to the system as of late?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens