New email goes to trash, not inbox

  • Answered
New emails from known senders and new senders go straight to trash instead of inbox. Using Gmail with my domain, [email protected] and have used up all the Gmail/Google account suggestions. Email was hacked 5 days ago and spam messages have quit, but still have this problem of new emails going straight to trash.
Hello custo150, Thank you for contacting us about email hosted by Google being flagged as spam. Ensure you don't have any custom rules created that may be catching the incoming emails. As a test, try whitelisting a domain, then see if incoming emails still go to trash. I also found a post in the official Google mail support site, where they provide additional troubleshooting steps - My messages are filtered to Trash. I would also recommend reviewing the mail logs. But, since your email is not hosted on our servers, we do not have a record/logs of the transmissions. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul