How to install Composer and Laravel 5?

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I've searched the InMotion community but haven't found any article about installing Composer and Laravel 5. Can you please help me how to install them? I already have a root access in WHM. Please explain in details.

Thank you!
Proceed to go into SSH and login then input the following:
curl -sS | php

now we want to create an alias to composer type/paste:
echo "alias composer='php ~/composer.phar'" >> .bashrc
. ~/.bashrc

You will be using SSH to install/manage your composer packages
This would be easier for me to do manually, but try to see if you can accomplish this. Tell me if you are facing any problems.
Hello MelodicCrypter, Thanks for your question about finding documentation for the installation of Composer and Laravel 5. We unfortunately do not have any written documentation for these installations. However, I can point you to the official documentation for the installation of each application. You can find the installation instructions for Composer by going here. As Laravel 5 requires Composer, you would need to install it first. When it's complete, you can then install Laravel 5 - its installation instructions can be found here. I hope that helps! Apologies again that we do not have tutorials for those installations. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.