I have BoldGrid design question

  • Answered
The BoldGrid general theme, Linx, that I am using doesn't allow for my logo and a site title in the header. Is there a way around this as I would like both? I don't want to edit my logo and add text to it. If not, is it possible to have both in any of the other BoldGrid themes?
Hello dthw, Thank you for your question on having a logo and site title on BoldGrid themes. Currently, all themes allow either one or the other, so you may have a Site Title, or a Logo. This may be something that changes as more themes are released, however. As for the contact information, both the Header and Footer allow for custom HTML. This is where you may add icons or information for those areas. Though there are PDF Embedding plugins for WordPress, we have not officially tested any in BoldGrid as of yet. This is to say we do not know if they will play together very well. I did test this one when working on this answer and it seemed to work without any issues. You may want to give it a test run. Kindest Regards, Scott M