sendmail demo setup with TLS support

  • Answered
Hi, we are testing a custom email client on of our products, and
we would like to set up sendmail service with a couple of test accounts so we can
test our email client. This will not forward or relay messages but rather
terminates the message at our domain.

In other words our email client
can send to d[email protected] and the content saved on our server instance.
What we have in mind is to define a bulk mail directory, where demo emails and file attachments would be saved
in a quarantined directory.

Our email client uses standard AUTH user/password, in these modes
TLS implicit
TLS explicit (STARTTLS)

The sendmail setup is pretty complex and we are wondering if there is a setup template or wizard to help with this.

Hello cdkclo,

Thank you for your question on sendmail template. Unfortunately we do hot have a sendmail template or wizard currently that would assist you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M