How to make the Ship To field a Required Field in OpenCart

  • Answered
Customers place orders on our website (shopping cart is OpenCart), and many (not all) times the order comes through with the billing address filled in, but the ship to field is blank. After contact with the customer, sometimes the ship to is the same as the bill to, sometimes it is not. How do we make the Ship To field REQUIRED so the order does not go through if it is not filled in? And/or a check box that says "ship to is the same as the billing address" which then automatically fills in the ship to field so that it is still not left BLANK. I do not want a blank ship to field, period. Help!? Thanks.

Thank you for your question on making Ship To field required in OpenCart. I am not sure specifically what the issue you are experiencing is. On our test site, there is a checkbox that allows you to have the delivery and billing addresses the same. If that is checked, then the additional address fields do not come up. If it is not checked, then additional fields come up for the shipping address. That is the default behavior for OpenCart. What are you seeing that is different? What version are you using? We only have information on our Support Center for version 1.5.x currently.

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Scott M