Problems after upgrading WordPress to 4.4.1

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I've upgraded to Wordpress 4.4.1 and I'm getting redirect loop error. I then tried to go directly to the login page and upon logging in I got the "HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /auth/SAML2Auth. Reason: Server Error."

Any ideas how to solve this? Right now our site is not accessible to anyone. Thank you!


Hello Gail, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress upgrade. Do you know what version of php you are on? Have you tried upgrading it? Also, for redirects, are you able to get to your dashboard and disable/re-enable your permalinks? You can also check our WordPress troubleshooting guide. If that fails, please contact the Live Support team so they can step through your individual account to see if there is something else amiss. Kindest Regards, Scott M