Simple Email Archive should be easy

  • Answered
Simple issue: How does one set up automated archiving in any of the email applications without being a programmer? What should be a very simple process is made very complex by support that seems to be outdated and has little relation to current software. There is a plugin for archiving, but overly complex instructions and instructions for making rules that are either incomplete or cannot perform the function. I have inmotionhosting email accounts that need simple solutions and can find no easy button where it should be. Please advise. Cheers.
Hello piet, Thank you for your contacting us about archiving emails. Here is a helpful link to our full article on How our automated IMAP archiving works. It works very simply, and out Tech Support team can set this up for you via Ticket Request. Alternately, you can code a custom archiving script such as archivemail. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul