We cannot stop subdomains redirecting to the main domain

  • Answered
The subdomains of our website besthomecarefranchise.info keeps redirecting back to the main site, you can see it here, http://raymondadamcik.besthomecarefranchise.info/, we've spoken w/ the techs here and they cannot detect any active redirects on the site itself. Curiously we have identified that this is only happening on .info sites, our .com and .net websites are not affected. Any ideas?

Sorry for the problems with the re-direct to main domain. When we look at your account, you have a wildcard subdomain so that ANYTHING that uses besthomecarefranchise.info as the root domain will be re-directed to the root domain assigned to the account (the website under public_html). If you are trying to re-direct it somewhere specific, you will need to specify that in your subdomain assignment, or using a redirect in .htaccess. It's happening specifically with your .info site because, the subdomain specification with the wildcard is set that way in your cPanel for the .info site.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.